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Mer de la Baltique

TOP 6 places to visit at the Baltic Sea

The holiday season, this moment we’ve all been waiting for all year, has come. It’s high time to plan your summer vacation and choose the best travel destination. Whether you are looking for a hassle free place to stay, you want to explore new cities or just recharge your batteries...
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Château de Wawel, Cracovie

Places in Poland that foreigners love visiting

Is Poland an attractive country to visit? Definitely yes! Foreigners love Poland! In 2014 our country welcomed more than 16 million tourists from all over the world and proved to be one of the most interesting travel destinations on the globe. Today we will try to answer two important...
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Amazing Polish festivals and events 2016

Amazing Polish festivals and events 2016! We have prepared a list of the TOP 3 most interesting Polish events 2016. If you’re planning a visit in our country we suggest that you build your trip around one of these memorable parties. Here you will find something for everyone!   38th PZU...
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Top 7 reasons to visit Poland

What is the best world’s country to visit? Poland, of course. Here are our top 7 reasons why you should drop everything and travel to this exceptional European country. 1. POLISH COUNTRYSIDE    Beautiful and unspoiled, diverse and attractive, both modern and traditional, there’s nothing quite...
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Camp Nazi d'Auschwitz et Birkenau

Visit death camps built in Poland during World War II

Taking a trip back in time to post-war Europe would be a blast. It can help tell the horrific story of Europe’s 20th century fascism. Although few tourists in Europe will dwell on thoughts of the horrors of Nazism, most will treasure visiting the memorials of the fascist reign of terror and...
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