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Mamerki bunkers

The Nazi shelters located in Mamerki are one of the best-preserved in Poland. The most important decisions for the Wehrmacht army during the World War II were made here. Also here the order to put down the Warsaw Uprising was given. Buldings and concrete shelters were constructed between 1940 and 1944. As Nazis had no time to blow them up, they remained untouched. You will see 250 buildings, including 30 shelters that were built for forty of the highest generals and field marshals, 1500 officers and Wehrmacht soldiers. Also, you will take a look at a 30-metres long tunnel connecting two shelters. After the war, near the shelter there was a search for the Amber Room. Polish sappers blew up the bunker no. 31 many times to find the treasure to no avail – it was never found. In the Museum you will see a replic of the Amber Room.


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